Monday, October 24, 2011

79 days and counting!!!

I can't believe how far I have come and how close I am to meeting this little girl.   We are so excited about her arrival and I just can't wait.  I am 28wks this week and will be delivering by c-section no later than 39wks.  I am hoping at my next dr's visit next week that I can get a definate date set for my c-section.  I haven't had a shower yet but should be having on at work in the next month or two.   My sister gave me all the big things that we will need except the crib which I still have from Kaley and we bought a dresser and a rocking recliner.  I am a little sad that both my girls inherited things from both of my sisters BOYS nothing that I was given is girly but it isn't costing me money so I really can't complain but I am a little sad about it.  My husband is like no big deal don't we have enough pink girly stuff in our house as it is.....haha MEN!!!  So I am counting down the days in short goals based on our school's breaks.....  SO I have only 4.5 wks till Thanksgiving break or 29 days.  Than there will only be 3wks till X-mas break or 19 days.   Than after that when we come back from X-mas break I will only have maybe 10days till delivery!!!!  When I look at it like that it will be here in no time at all.  I can't wait.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time flies!!!

Well I can't believe that I haven't updated since the finding out about being pregnant!   There has been so much stuff going on around here.  1st I am still not in a teaching position and had to take an aide position just so that I would have a steady stable job and income.  I am not really happy with having to do this but hopefully it is only for this year and since we have a baby on the way it will just be ok I don't have to worry about going out on maternity leave and I will be enjoying every last second that I am out. 

I am now 21w 4d!!!!   I am more than half way there!!!  I will be having a repeat c-section so I will probably have baby around Jan 12th so that means that I only have about 17wks to go!!!!!!!   So far everything has been PERFECT!!!  I am still nauseaous from time to time but I expected that since I was throwing up my entire pregnancy with my Daughter.   My back and feet have started hurting but I suspect that has more to do with my job and being on my feet more than I am used.   My bloodpressure has been lower than what it was normally pre-pregnancy and my blood sugars seem to be doing good too but my doc is keeping a close eye on those and having me check them 4times daily with a glucose meter since I am IR with the pcos.  That part is not fun but she has agreed to allow me to stay on my MET throughout pregnancy by doing this AND I know that they are doing good which is always a relief. 

We also have found out that we are having a GIRL!!!!!  Yes another girl!!  We are excited especially Kaley!!  She wanted a girl more than any of us.  My poor poor husband is going to continue to be outnumbered in our house and only has the dog on his side....LOL!    Yes before you ask we have a name picked out already too.  In fact we have had names picked out for probably at least 4 to 5 years.  So her name is going to be Evangelene Rose!     It is a special name since it is my husband's grandma's first name and his mother's middle name and both of them are deceased but were both very special to him. 

We have a lot going on in the coming months before baby arrives.  My mom and aunt are coming to visit this weekend and are bringing some of the baby stuff that my sister is giving me.  Than my daughter's b-day is coming up and my mom is coming back down to visit with my sister and her kids.  I am also going to schedule a 3d u/s for that weekend, not only do I want to confirm that she is a girl but I have always wanted to have a 3d u/s and be able to see the baby that way.   In November my husband and I are going to go to San Antonio for a couple days over thanksgiving....My daughter will be with her dad so this will really be our last getaway that is just the 2 of us cuz after baby arrives it will no longer ever be the 2 of us anymore.  (Not that we won't be able to talk my mom into watching the baby for us if we wanted to go some where, but you know what I mean.....Right now with my DD she goes to her dad's once a month so we have always had built in time for just the 2 of us and after baby we will no longer have that)   Than I will have 2wks xmas break in decemember and than baby will be here.  SO plenty of things to keep me busy for the next several months!!!   I can't wait. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finally Happened!!!

I can't believe that after 2yrs and 9 months of trying we are finally PREGNANT!!!!!!   It's really hard to believe that it did finally happen and I have in fact peed on all of my 20 or so HPT's and all have come up +!!!  Now they come up + really fast and really dark.  I am no longer dreaming about + HPT's but instead dreaming about the baby that we will have in Jan '12.  I didn't believe that this month was going to work out either.  I surged before my mid cycle u/s and ended up canceling it instead of spending the money so I have no idea now how many follies I had or released.  DH and I only DTD 1 time the day before O.  I just knew our timing was bad and there was no way that this was going to be our month.  Last month I ended up stocking up on pads (cuz they were on sale) and OPK's cuz I figured that I would need them if we had t go through several more rounds with the RE.  So now I will pack up my pads and put them away for future use and I am planning on reselling my OPK's.  I am so excited!!! I can't even begin to explain how excited I am.  We have been trying for so long and now it's finally happening. I had my first beta on tuesday and it came back at 68 and my p4 was 28.6 (I think, I'm at least close).  I had my 2nd beta on thursday but since I choose to go to a lab close to home instead of driving all the way to houston I have to wait till monday for my results. 

So this is how it all went down.......  Friday night (8dpo) I just couldn't help myself or wait any longer to poas so I did.  I was truly expecting a BFN since it was just so early but I just couldn't help myself.  BUT there was a was super super faint, so faint I thought I was imanging things or that it was an evap line.  So I put it down and didn't think any more about it.  However, I did poas again Sat morning (9dpo).  There was another line....I was in disbelief...again it was faint but it was with FMU.  So a couple hours later with SecondMU I peed on 2 more sticks!!  and the lines were not quite as faint but still faint.  So I asked my DH to come into the  mom was here visiting for the weekend and I didn't want to let everyone in the house know.......So I shut the door and asked DH if he saw the lines too.  He DID!!!  I told him I think that I am pregnant.  So I continued to poas throught the weekend with it getting a little more darker each day.  This all happened over mothers day weekend.  I wasn't ready to tell my mother yet though but I enjoyed my weekend knowing that I was pregnant.    I finally called the doc on Tuesday and they wanted me to drive to houston to get a beta done but I did not want to drive that far and was more than OK to wait for the results.  I am not worried about things and I feel really great.   I have had less symptoms this month than any other month.   So that's my story.

I can't wait to tell Kaley she is going to be so excited.  However, I am also trying to get a premanent teaching job for next school year so I don't want to tell anyone cuz I don't want them to not consider me cuz of being pregnant plus I am only 4wks along....well my long point is that Kaley is a blabber mouth and has no ability to keep a secret.  So I plan on telling her the weekend after school is out. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keeping the hope alive!!!

Well my first femara cycle didn't work and I felt like it was a failed cycle.  I went in on cd12 for an u/s and had a 17mm follie and since I usually get a +opk on my own and seem to O on my own they decided that I wouldn't trigger and just wait to see if I would O by the following wednesday (this was friday).  Well I didn't get a +opk until the next wed which was cd17 and O'ing maybe cd18.  I didn't think that it would take this long to O. Oh and even though we were able to dtd the day before O we really didn't get in a good BD session the day of and day after O so I am pretty sure that might have something to do with us still not being preg.  ANd of course AF showed.  So I had my follow up appt with my RE on 14dpo which ended up being the day AF showed up.  Which worked out great cuz then I didn't have to make a second trip to the RE's office since it's about 45mins from home.  They didn't do a baseline u/s and I didn't have to have more bloodwork done except I still have to have my thyroid checked since that was left off of my last lab slip by accident.  I guess that's ok but I am not sure how normal that is but I am ONLY taking femara.  

BY the WAY, I LOVE MY RE!!!  

I think that she is wonderful.  I went into the appt feeling defeated and like this was a failed cycle.  BUT my RE was really positive and really turned my attitude around.  I sometimes have a hard time keeping the hope alive since it's been so long since we have started trying.  But she renewed my sense of hope.   She really felt that this was a good cycle.  I responded really well to the femara even if the O was a little late.  My lining was really good and I did surge on my own.  I asked about the trigger and she said that they use it for different reasons such as no surge or just better timing but she felt that there was something good about letting the body decide when the egg was really ready and O'ing on it's own.  She also felt that it wouldn't up my chances for pregnancy.  I still feel like Iwould like to give it a try.  She also said that my hormone levels were pretty normal overall.   Except my good cholesterol was a little on the low side but my bad cholesterol and my trigylcerids (sp?) were both good and she said that this ratio was typical of pcos and just to keep working on losing weight.    She also said that my FSH was really good for my age....UGH cuz I am almost 35 and this number apparently starts to rise with age.  My AMH was also a really good number which is really good since this is my egg reserve.  My DH's S/A was also good.  He does have slightly low morph 3% and they want it 4% or higher but she said that their lab is really really strict, more strict than most so she felt that this was really no big deal and since his overall count and motility was good she feels that there is no reason we can't get preg with TI.  THis is a good thing since our insurance doesn't cover anything related to an IUI cycle so that would have had to be out of pocket.  What a relief!!    SO I feel so hopeful now!!!  SHe feels like it just a matter of time now.  It's nice to feel hopeful and excited about trying again.  It's great to feel like I have someone on my side in my corner who is fighting for me and letting me make the decisions about my journey.    

So here we are again, another month, another chance.  I am again taking 5mgs femara cd3-7 with an u/s scheduled cd14 this time.  I think that I will ask about the trigger again this cycle. 

By the way I can't believe Easter is this weekend and MAY is already almost here!!!!   WOW!!!  Where is the time going?? 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time flies when......

Time flies when your having fun is the typical response but I have to say that I have just been busy!!   Well there was some fun in there.   We have had 3 family fun days.  Family fun day for us is when we go out and do something super fun and don't worry about chores, what we eat, or just the basic rules of everyday life.  This has come to life for us cuz my wonderful little girl goes to her dad's house once a month and since he doesn't see her very much they try to pack in as much fun filled, junk food eating, no cleaning room time as possible and my DD told me one time when she came home that her step mom is the "fun" parent cuz she never yells at her.  I try not to take it personal but DAMN that one kind of stung......but you know they don't have to deal with a 7year old every day who doesn't like to clean her room and tries her hardest to get out of homework.  So my mom suggested that we implant at least one day a month to dedicate to having fun and throwing the rules out the door.  It's been a really good decision and I feel that it is actually more special for her cuz it's a treat instead of what is expected.  So any ways my point was that we have had some fun this last month.      Other than that I have started a long term sub position working in the special ed department of my DD school. As you may or may not know I am a teacher who is out of work and have been looking for the last 2yrs this is a huge break through for me.  Not only that I actually have work every day and don't have to wonder if I need to get up and actually have a job.  This position is going to last until the end of the school year....YAY!!!

So another thing is that I had an appt with my RE and have started treatment.  I did 5mgs femara cd3-7 and had my u/s cd12 and had two follies one that was 17.5mm and another that was 14.5mm.  She thought that I would O over the weekend but it actually took almost a week to O!!  I didn't end up doing the trigger shot that my RE rx'd since I normally O on my own and I am very disappointed about that.  I also think that I should have gone ahead with the trigger since it took so much longer to O than expected.  So if I get a bfn this cycle I am going to be talking to my RE about upping my femara to 7.5mgs and adding the trigger regardless of the fact that I seem to O on my own.  I really really really really really want this cycle to work but as usual I just don't know if it will.....I think that over 2.5yrs of bfns has ruined me for that optimism that I once felt.  I am 5dpo and will probably start testing around 9dpo cuz I desperately want to be one of those women who get an early bfp!!  haha....unlikely I know but I like to torture myself.    So that is my update for know.  Will try not to wait so long to update and hopefully next time I will have some exciting news.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Just to Add to my I hate February Post.....

Well to end the month I still have not O'd and my blog is all messed up.  The wonderful background that I have enjoyed is no longer displaying and I can't seem to find one I like right now.  So right now I have it set on one of the default ones just until I find another one that I like.  UGH.  I am so glad that tomorrow is March.  I pray that it is a better month.......NO I am going to just say it .......MARCH IS GOING TO BE A BETTER MONTH!!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OMG......I hate February!!!!!

This month has just totally sucked!!!  AND I am ready for it to be over!   My cycle has been crazy....tried to make me think that I ovulated on cd 10.....yeah right like I would ever O that early.  IF I did it would have totally messed up my next cycle which is going to be a medicated cycle with my new RE and I am excited about that.  My DH was supposed to have a s/a done and since we live kind of far from the clinic he was supposed to do it in the office but he couldn't.  He tried but it just didn't happen.  I felt bad for him and he felt really bad but it really sucked that we wasted the time and nothing......It also sucked that I thought that we were going to get that part over with and again nothing.  Had to reschedule for friday and he is going to TRY to do it at home and TRY and make it to the clinic within the 45 min timelimit....OMG!!!   AAAHHH!!!  I just want to get through this month and get the s/a done....hopefully get good results and just be able to move onto the next cycle.   OH and on top of everything Damn dog ate my bbt thermometer today....OMG I just wanted to scream....oh yeah I think that I did.  Why would he go after my bbt he has never bothered it before and it has been in the same place the whole time....UGH dumb dog!!  LOL.    I just want to be through all this and be moving on....I feel like I am stuck in the holding pattern waiting to land and I  am starting to feel claustrophobic.    It seems like I am always waiting on something.....waiting for my life to begin.....well I am going to be 35 this year....times up ....I am tired of waiting.....It's got to be my turn now!!!   COME ON MARCH!!!  I just know your going to be better.